Monday, 27 June 2016

How to get a london escort website up

There are many agencies in London that will give you a great website and will give you great photography but most of girls they present are fake, some are very Photoshop worked but others are complete fakes to the point they don’t even exist but in this article e will give you some insides and the best way to go in this escorts industry that you never had to the point that you will be able to open a build a website and probably open an agency and maybe have some success in that business.

Get a hosting company.

 When you put up a website there are 2 sides that you will have to mind before the physical website is built. You have to get a place where your website will be hoisted, you will have to get a good hosting company because in this industry there is loads of unfair game.

The website domain

Then you will have to the website domain, this you will have 2 options, one is involving with some keywords in the domain words like the area and escorts will make easier to rank but if you are looking to build a solid business you will you can choose a brand name.

The website

There are many web design companies that can give you a website, you can also go for a independent web designer like the ones you find in ……. Or you can go for a web deigns company like … but before make sure you check their portfolio.

SEO (Search Engine Optimizations)

If you want to be a successful company like I Like London Escorts you will have to do SEO (Search Engine Optimizations) that will bring your website to the front page of Google and bring you traffic and make your website more expose to the industry users.

Wednesday, 11 May 2016

2nd Circle Escorts Marbella

2nd Circle is one of the most established high-class escort agencies in Marbella. In the years since it began life as a twinkle in the eye of its founders it has developed steadily, building strong relationships with clients, an amazing collection of international escorts and the wider community of promoters and service providers.

It has now reached the point where it is absolutely the gold standard for escort agencies in Marbella and the Costa Del Sol; setting a level of professionalism, quality and support that most find it to match. If they even try!

But the word most commonly used by both clients and escorts about the team at 2nd Circle is “friendly”. Unlike some other agencies, they pride themselves on keeping things simple and helping everyone to have as much safe fun as possible. They are business people first and foremost, and understand that they are there to look after the needs of both their clients and “talent”; without both of these an escort agency will find it hard to be successful.

So the team at 2nd Circle work hard to make sure that they understand exactly what clients and escorts want and don't want. What they are looking for and what they want to avoid. And to make sure that everything is as clear and simple as possible.

Their slogan is “Pleasure Is Our Business” and their approach to work seems to pretty much bear that out, working very hard under the surface to make the experience for both escorts and clients as pleasurable and smooth as possible.

As an escort, if you want to know that you are working with people who will always eb straight with you, tell the truth and do everything possible to keep you safe – and well rewarded – then 2nd Circle are the right choice.

If you are a potential client who wants to spend time with a beautiful and sexy escort in Marbella and wants to be sure that what you see is what you get, then 2nd Circle will be happy to take care of you. And they will go out of their way to make sure that you have the best possible time before, during and after your encounter.

Thursday, 14 April 2016

Some of the finer girls available at London Punt escort directory

As a regular escort consumer in London and someone who has a strong penchant for different girls, over the years I have booked a vast quantity of London escorts, so many in fact that when I do a search for a new escort in London to book, the majority of my time is spent sifting through London escorts that I have partaken in before. While this is becoming relatively frustrating for me at this point, it means I am in an enlightened position when it comes to educating people who spend less money on London escorts than me. The things I have learned in the London escort industry are astounding.

Anyway, today I have decided to list some of my favourite London Punt escorts which can be found and booked from If you aren't aware of this site already, London Punt is an extremely strict escort directory that only lists escorts in London that have been verified as legitimate and high quality. I have taken to using London Punt when I book escorts, because they have a wide selection of (mostly) professional escorts and it's rare to have a bad experience when you book through this directory. I cannot sing this directories praises enough. Other London escort directories I have used in the past to book companions have never given me such a high success rate. London Punt is definitely doing something right. Anyway, on to the purpose of this article; a list of some of the finest girls on London Punt.

The best London Punt escort directory girls
I feel like going into too much detail may be inappropriate or crude, so while I may have a lot to say about the London Punt escorts below, I'm going to keep it brief. This is an ordered list of my biased opinion of the best London escorts available through London Punt. Don't take it completely to heart, but I can assure you if you decide to book one of these companions you are in for a treat.

1: Renata: London Angels Escorts

Image obtained at London Angels escort agency.

Renata not only looks like a model in her pictures but in person those curves and that figure looks even better. I booked Renata for a couple of hours after having a rather appealing conversation with her on the phone. She did not disappoint. If you want a high class London escort experience I could not recommend a girl more highly than Renata. She's friendly, flirtatious, and completely on board with her profession. Despite my aversion to repeat bookings I have set up appointments with Renata on more than one occasion. From me, that is high praise.

2: Gina: Carmen's Secrets
Image obtained at Carmen's Secrets escort agency.
Initially recommended to me by an acquaintance of mine, I walked into my first outcall with Gina quite skeptical. After spending an hour with her at her lovely apartment however, I had pulled a full 180 on my opinion. Gina is not only one of the greatest London escorts I have ever had the pleasure of meeting, but she's also got quite the enticing personality. Even if you're one of those gentlemen who has exquisite control over his temptation, try spending 20 minutes in Gina's company. You won't be able to contain yourself.

3: Eve: Independent escort
Image obtained from Eve independent escort.
Although it is relatively uncommon for me to rate independent escorts highly (they either lack professionalism or commitment), Eve is one of the best escorts in the London industry. This independent girl is extremely high class, whether you like that sort of thing or not spending some time in Eve's presence is very humbling. This girl knows how to make a lasting impression, one that you will not forget. Book her guys, you will understand exactly what I mean.

Visting Japan, the remarkable Island home of Nuru massage: Skiing and Onsen in Japanese Winter

From December to February the stunning Island nation that invented to the erotic and arousing Nuru massage technique enters winter. The Northernmost Japanese Island, Hokkaido, the Japan Alps and much of Japan’s coastal areas get a significant amount of snowfall. Temperatures of 1-5c mean that Japan is a pleasant place to visit in the wintertime for adventures such as skiing and winter sports as the air is known for being clear, crisp and pleasant rather than damp.

The Japanese Alps draw visitors from across the country and world during this time. Skiing in Japan largely takes places in one of the nation’s 600+ winter micro resorts, meaning no one will be too overcrowded. The sights to feast your eyes on are stunning and there are many touched, perfect powdery slopes for the experienced skier.

Another unique experience in Japanese winter is to visit an Onsen, the Japanese name for their multiple natural hot springs. As sensually arousing as a Nuru massage, the experience of dipping into a steaming bath of hot spring water in contrast to the snowy landscape is truly wonderful. The bodily experience of shifting from cold to hot is an incredible sensation that can be expertly created for you by your elite tantric masseuse here in London’s winter. This alluring barrage on the senses is a sure fire means of peeking arousal and an experience like no other.

In Japan sites such as Yukimi Roten are recommended, as the snow covered landscape meets the Onsen’s edge and hot steam drifts picturesque into the cold surrounding air. For a quieter winter experience there are Akiho 秋保, Yamagata Zao 山形蔵王, Naruko 鳴子, Ginzan 銀山, Hanamaki 花巻 and Nyuto 乳頭 Onsens reachable within a few hours of Toyko, Japan’s buzzing metropolis.

So whether you are inspired to visit Japan for an adrenalin rush, relaxation or both, you are well prepared by the sensuous adventure that is a Nuru massage by one of our elite masseuses. If you have dreams of visiting the Island nation but your schedule does not allow for it, remember you can book this sensual, erotic experience with ease and convenience by simply calling or emailing to book a tantric massage in London

Monday, 4 April 2016

A Night To Remember in Luxembourg

When I had a short winter break in Luxembourg a short while back I had not anticipated how it might go. I was amazed how one night could turn the whole holiday into and incredible occasion I would never forget. So many people may not approve but I was on my own by the beautiful Luxembourg docks looking at the boats and people milling around. It was far too cold to actually be in the water but the bars border this area so there are always people about. The views from my hotel were incredible, the Port Palace right over the harbor offers a luxurious spot to relax and forget about the humdrum of back in London. It was a great little break from business and I was having a great time but it was a little lonely so I decided to book one of the high class escorts Luxembourg. I had done this before in London and had a really good time so I thought I would try a local companion with good reviews for a date for the evening.

I rang an independent escort Luxembourg (http://www.escortsinluxembourg.comand they were very helpful with the arranging of the date. They recommend a lovely seafood restaurant right by my hotel that would be the perfect romantic setting for our date. I must admit I was a little nervous and apprehensive at the thought of being in a foreign country, in a place I wasn't familiar with, but if the escort was anything like the pictures it was going to be amazing. I waited in my hotel room considering what I had done when there was a knock at the door. This amazing model walked into the room and I was amazed at how genuine her photos had actually been. She was every bit as incredible as I had imaging with a sexy French accent that matched her perfectly. Big blue eyes and blonde hair that fell down on her shoulders. She was dressed in the most stylish way. I am not usually one for girls that dress up too much but she was so casually elegant it was ideal for me. 

After the initial formalities of payment we ventured out to the restaurant and had a really romantic meal by candle light. The light sea air was refreshing and we sipped a nice bottle of wine as we talked and got to know each other a little better. I was amazed at how friendly and funny she was. We had a great time and I even forgot that I had paid for the time with her.

The rest of the evening flew by and was just as brilliant although I would be remiss to go into too many details. I would recommend that anyone feeling lonely in Luxembourg book this escort Luxembourg it made my weekend all the more satisfying and I was able to go back to work today feeling refreshed and revitalized.

Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Why book shemale escorts

Every man dreams of an oriental companion, someone who is beautiful, elegant and is modest and friendly in their mannerisms. That is why so many Brits flock to Thailand each year to experience the culture and enjoy the company of a woman that understands the needs and wants of a man. They are so different from western women, but now there is no need to leave the country, when you can have some of the most beautiful shemale escorts London.

For anyone that has had the pleasure of spending an evening with a shemale escort in London, will understand their great appeal. Not only are the visually beautiful and exotic, but they are very gracious and appreciative, something that I lost on many Western escorts. They can appear uninterested with the phrase often quoted, “clock watching”, which is never a great feeling for a man to receive. You get the impression after an evening with a Shemale escort that they genuinely enjoy your company and appreciate the little things you do, like taking them out for a meal or a few glasses of wine and just generally treating them with love and respect.

As mentioned, the gracious attitude means that once you have treated them they feel inclined to treat you and never underestimate, despite their small size they often have big personalities. If your considering booking a shemale escort, then why be limited by booking through an agency when you can book through a directory and have a choice of some of the most beautiful Shemale escorts in London without compromising on price. It it also far more convenient and straightforward as you can select the girl that meets your characteristics and is in your area.

If you have enjoyed the company of a beautiful shemale escort London, then you will not need convincing. However if you have not, you need to experience what you are missing out on and book your beautiful Oriental companion.

Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Best Restaurants In London

 London has some incredible cuisine to offer throughout the city, one of the finest British establishments goes by the name of The Ledbury this restaurant serves some of the best British cuisine in the capital. Upon arrival you will be struck by the modern 21st century décor that gives this place a relaxing feel and the perfect place to enjoy a romantic evening meal with one of the most beautiful London Escorts you’ve ever laid eyes on. The staff here are really something special also, they really do the extra mile to make sure your stay with them is of the highest order.

If your looking for Italian cuisine in the capital city it doesn’t get much better than the Zucca restaurant, the food served here is some of the best Italian cuisine in the whole of the London. The simplistic design of this establishment is very deceiving because it makes this restaurant look average at best until your food arrives then you are in for a treat. The staff here have also made a name for themselves in this area for their customer service which is some of the best in London. This is the perfect spot to take one of the most beautiful London escorts for a delicious meal before heading to more a more discreet venue to enjoy the night of your dreams.

If neither of the above are your cup of tea then you should try the Brasserie Zedel which serves arguably the best French cuisine in London. The décor here is really something to behold, the décor itself makes you feel like your dining like royalty. This establishment also has a bar which serves some incredible cocktails for all the cocktail lovers out there this is without doubt worth a try. If your looking for somewhere to take one of the most eye-catching and sophisticated London escorts for a delicious meal.