Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Are You Actually Good at Sex?

astonishing emily from minx massage
Emily is one of the many gorgeous
masseuses at Minx Massage.
Are you actually good at sex? Most people believe themselves to be pretty okay at sex but honestly, how would you know? Is there one way to be good at sex? Well seeing as how over 50% of brits admit to having a less than satisfying sex life there is a good chance that we might not be as good as we think we are. That is okay though because in London there are plenty of locations where you can go for tantric massages, such as the popular tantric massage agency Minx Massage, that will help you not only be better at sex for others but also for yourself. In fact that is one of the main things that tantric massages teach those that are there wondering how they can be better in bed. The idea that you have to be happy with your sex life first might seem a bit selfish but actually it means that you are going to be taking a load off your partner’s shoulders. If you know what you like in bed and how to satisfy yourself then your partner does not have to play a guessing game! You will let them know and you will make sure that your pleasure is met so that you can meet another person’s too.

This doesn’t mean that you will both be struggling in order to meet your quota of pleasure but that you will be taking turns helping each other get there. It’s not about being selfish all the time but selfish enough so that your own needs are also met. This dance requires stamina (especially for men!) which is something tantric massages can also help you with. Women sometimes take more time and need more help getting to their orgasm and if a man does not know how to hold himself then sometimes it means that they will not be able to satisfy their partners. Through tantric massages (and thanks to how long they are) a man will be able to learn how to control his pleasure in order to make sure that a woman achieves hers and vice versa. It truly is a labor of love and through Tantra you can make sure you are within that forty-something percent that is loving their sex life! 

Friday, 9 June 2017

The Tantric Experience

We recently got together with a client from Tantric Dolls who has given us an account of her first tantric massage experience. If you're wondering about whether or not a tantric massage is for you, this is the perfect article for you. Here is her account:

Bella from Tantric Dolls
There are many stunning
and highly talented masseuses
 such as Bella available at Tantric Dolls
"Moving to London brought on a fair share of challenges for me. Coming from a smaller town and arriving at the massive concrete jungle was exciting and new but also a bit overwhelming. Every day it was like at night a whole new London came alive and the streets were filled with sounds, smells and tastes, more than I had ever experienced before. It was easy to get carried away and I found myself trying new things every day. Nothing was dangerous or nothing seemed dangerous but instead there was a deep sense of satisfaction in discovery. However as a young woman I felt the pressure to still conform to the norms that I had been used to when it came to experimenting with sensuality and the night also filled me with a deep sense of curiosity I simply didn’t feel I could explore.

How and when I arrived to tantric massages I couldn’t tell you but I remember my first massage like if it was yesterday (and it was a couple of years ago). As a woman I felt I was doing something extra naughty by getting such a personal massage by another woman. I spent the entire day wondering how I could get out of the appointment and then refusing to do it. I knew there was more out there for me and this lesbian massage might just be the key that unlocked that door I was so scared to walk through.

The massage was incredibly sexy and even for me, a straight woman, I could have turned lesbian then and there. My masseuse was gorgeous but truly what impressed me was how well she knew me without me saying a word. She knew of my longing, my yearning to feel much more than I was and she exploited that so eagerly that I knew something amazing was happening. Our closeness, the way our skin touched, the way our bodies were completely intertwined in a grouse sensual dance was nothing short of mouthwatering. We spent so long simply feeling, our hands touching and small dances of fingers playing on my back while other parts of my body tingled with excitement. By the time it was all over I felt I could breathe again, feel again and like that door I had imagined no longer existed. I had freed myself from such self-scrutiny and doubt… and all the while I had the best time of my life and went on to book tantric massages on a regular basis.

Many times since then, people have asked me what it feels like to have a tantric massage. Of course I could go into detail about every move and every angle my masseuse takes but that wouldn’t be helpful because every tantric massage is completely different from any other. Sometimes I have a masseuse that focuses all her energy on touch and on sensorial stimulation but then one masseuse might forsake most sensorial stimulation and focus on creating deep and powerful connections of the mind and emotions. So, if you want to know what happens during a tantric massage all I can say is that it will be extremely pleasurable and that you are going to have a great time.

However if I was asked to explain what your mind and body goes through during a tantric massage I can only think of this.

Imagine yourself naked and cold in a big dark room. You aren’t uncomfortable but you’re not having a great time. Then someone comes and opens the door and the room starts filling up with very warm and satisfying water. You hold on to this other person who promises that once the water fills the room you will be able to emerge. She puts your arms around you begin to feel safe. She begins to move and with each stroke of her skin, with each breath that makes her breasts bounce against your chest the room fills more and more. 

You have to go slow because if the room fills up too fast you might miss out on it all. The water level begins to rise until you’re floating in a pool of pleasure. You look up and you can see the exit just above, a bright light that makes you squirm with excitement. Your tantrica reminds you to calm down, to let the water rise and take you there so that you can enjoy the journey. 

She doesn’t hold you back but she makes sure to let the journey be as long and drawn out as possible.
When you finally reach the top the warm light washes all over you and you find yourself rejoicing, bursting with vitality and happiness. That’s what it feels like to have a tantric massage."

Tantric Dolls Homepage
Tantric Dolls have a huge variety of extremely talented masseuses, check them out and make your booking!

As you can see, she clearly had an amazing time with her masseuse and there's a high probability that you will too.

One of the great things about tantric massages is that you have the rare opportunity of exploring your desires in a space that is safe and conducive to your exploration. For men this might be as easy as having a wonderful prostate massage or even just the experience of being completely worshiped might be new to them as they are usually the ones worshiping the woman’s body and they are pretty much stuck with having all the attention centered in just one spot (the lingam). So just allowing themselves to relax and to have their bodies become the center of the attention can truly be a ground breaking experience.

As for women, just the fact that they’d be willing to get a massage from another woman is a nice little exploration of desire. More than that, though, women are often scared of asking for things during sex and feel that their enjoyment isn’t as important as a man’s. Sure, men take longer worshipping a woman’s body than the other way around but it isn’t always that a woman ends up truly enjoying the experience. Not to mention that when you’re around a man and naked you’re hoping he finds you attractive while when you’re a woman you’re more able to relax and find the joy in your own sensuality.

The whole point of Tantra is to create a sacred space for two people to come together and enjoy their desires. If you feel safe then you feel willing to explore, to come out of the box of fear and find yourself swimming in a pool of divine tantric release. Even for people that have a darker way of seeing pleasure and would like to dabble in things like BDSM and fantasy games Tantra can gift you the place and the person to do that with before going out into the world and doing it with others. In the end your masseuse wants you to have fun and to explore you sensuality with her help so don’t be afraid to open up and to ask for more… your masseuse might probably enjoy it. 

Thursday, 4 May 2017

Visiting London

bespoke tantric massage london melissa
Stunning Melissa from Bespoke Tantric
London is such a wonderful place to visit from time to time. There is so much to do and so much to see that you might actually have a hard time picking something for the days that you do come. From the museums, the parks and even the hotels to the wonderful night life and the shopping you’ll be wrapped in a whirlwind of action from the second you step off the train or the airplane to the moment you’re saying a final farewell. However, as fun as London can be it can also leave you feeling a little drained if you try to do too much all at once. Of course you want to see it all and experience it all but sometimes you have to remind yourself to take a step back and rest while you’re here.

Like most major European cities London has a wonderful energy that can only be described as chaotic. It’s not a bad form of chaos but it is something that can easily leave you wishing for more time to sleep. Don’t get caught away in it and instead make sure that one of the things you do factor into your next London visit is relaxation. There are as many ways to relax in London as there are to have fun and some of the relaxing experiences can actually be just as exciting (if not more) than those going on outside that will just drain your energy.

One of the best ways you can definitely go back home feeling refreshed instead of drained is to boo a sultry tantric massage London for your last night. Instead of going out and getting hammered this massages will be completely luscious, extremely relaxing and, above all, the sexiest time you can have in London. No matter where you are as long as you have a room with a bed you can enjoy a true London girl come to meet you and massage every area of your body using every area of hers. The massage will not only help you sleep like a King but to have the best bedtime cuddle of your life. The next morning just hop on your plane or train and enjoy your body feeling completely relaxed and totally pampered. 

Tuesday, 2 May 2017

A Journey to Bangkok: A Bangkok Escorts & Thai Massage Experience!

Recently I went on a holiday to Bangkok, Thailand. I had planned to go with my girlfriend but after weeks of arguing, a few days before we were due to leave, we broke up at the worst time... I had to go alone. I had my plane tickets booked and my bags packed, there was no way that I was going to stay at home wishing I had gone, even if that was her plan. I knew that we were over to good and what I needed was a true change in perspective, a paradigm-shift if you will; I was certain that my trip to Thailand would provide me with the escape, relaxation and adventure that I needed to come back feeling fresh and inspired.

A few days later I said goodbye to my loved ones, ready to fly out to Thailand for two months. I was slightly nervous, especially now that I was going there on my own, however, more than anything I was just happy that it had come at this time... I really needed to get away. After a year of rain, hard-work and a suffering love-life, I had finally escaped and I was going to make this journey an experience of a life-time, with or without a woman by my side.

Dreaming About Thai Massages and Bangkok Escorts on an Aeroplane.

My long-distance flight from Heathrow to Bangkok included a television set, with channels from Thailand included. I flicked through what was on offer and I decided to watch a Thai television show. A scene began, I watched a beautiful Thai girl gave a man a massage as I started to slowly relax and fall asleep.

I started to dream about myself receiving a massage from a Thai masseur, I had heard about the various massages Thailand had to offer such as Nuru massage, Soapy Massage, Body to Body Massage, Oil Massage, Prostate Massage and Ball Massage. Apparently this television show, my lack of (recent) sex-life, and my wild imagination had mustered up an incredibly erotic dream... whilst I was on the aeroplane!

I woke up in what I would most politely call an "awkward position", sat next to a rather embarrassed Oriental lady. I think she had seen too much, but now that I was awake I could at least behave myself! I sat up and started to think about what to do in Thailand, I had already made plans with my partner to see animals, visit temples, eat great food and travel. However the thought of receiving a special massage in Bangkok was niggling away at me. Should I do it? Would it be weird?

Arriving in Bangkok: My first Thai Massage in Bangkok

I arrived in Bangkok before making my way to the hotel. I unpacked my things, had a shower, got changed and decided to visit the local bar which was located near my hotel and had a great view of Bangkok. On my way to the bar I noticed a Thai massage parlour as I walked past, was this a sign? Should I do it? I decided to go in...

I entered the small building and noticed candle light and the smell of oils and incense fill the air. This darkness provided a refreshing taste of cool, fresh air in comparison to the hot, smokey streets of Bangkok. A pretty and petite Thai lady welcomed me, her English wasn't great but it was enough to get by. We had a small conversation about what I would like and I decided to book for a body to body massage... by the way she had described it, it sounded great!

I followed the Thai lady and she lead me to a room with a bed. I lay down and the masseur I had chosen arrived. The girl was called Ava; she was a very sexy, slim and petite Thai girl... just my type. She proceeded to put oils on my body and before I knew it she was teasing me in ways that I didn't know were possible. Her body rubbing slowly across mine was more than enough to "heighten my senses".

Before I knew it our time was over and I had to leave. I had an amazing experience however I just wished that it wasn't so rushed, I just wished that it was in the setting of my own hotel... was this possible? I had heart about outcall massage girls in Bangkok before but it would take some research before I decided to go through with it.

My First Evening in Bangkok: Bangkok Escorts & Bangkok Massage Girls

I went for a meal then returned to my hotel. Whilst I was here I thought about the day I had experienced with the masseur, it was amazing and I hungered for more. I went online and searched for "Bangkok Escorts" and "Escorts in Bangkok", before reading reviews.

After a little bit of research the result seemed unanimous, Absolute Angels Bangkok was to provide me with a sexy escort in Bangkok who also provided "Party Girl" services and "massage services" in Thailand... I was in for a treat!

I called them quick and within an hour she came round to my hotel, as requested... She had dressed up in a short skirt for me just like I had asked. This girl was much naughtier than the first, as soon as she walked in she pushed me on to the bed and began to give me a strip tease. She took off her clothes (except from the skirt) and then took off mine. The Thai escort started to put oil on me again, before teasing me with her amazing and tight body... I was having the best day of my life!

The massage lead to a much more "hard-core" experience, which was put simply "mind-blowing". My sexual energy had never been so high and not only did I feel seduced, I also felt incredibly connected to the girl throughout this experience as she continued to provide me with pleasure beyond comprehension.

As Absolute Angels Bangkok had cheap rates, I had booked for a full day and was determined not to waste it. Me and the Thai massage girl decided to go and party, I asked her where the best bars to visit in Bangkok were and she lead me on a bar-crawl I'll never forget. We went to a few bars and the whole time she provided me with a truly authentic girlfriend experience, even more authentic than the girl I had left back in the UK. That night, I had no regrets.

Bangkok Night Life: Dancing All Night with a True Bangkok Party Girl!

Everybody knows that the person makes the party and this night was no exception. The girl I had chosen to book had so much energy, beauty and sensuality that it was impossible not to have fun. Every club we entered she would give me all of her attention, dance with me and rub her body against me. I felt alive, and she was the cause of it.

After we danced for a while we returned back to my hotel again... She was ready for more! I couldn't believe it! This Bangkok girl was even more seductive than any girl I had met, she knew exactly how to get me in the mood and unlike other girls, she seemed to be enjoying the experience more than me. She loved how much she was able to seduce me and if I'm going to be honest, I loved that confidence that she embodied as well.

The Morning After an Escort Service in Bangkok

I woke up the next day and had breakfast with the Thai escort I had chosen to book. We had a great discussion and I thanked her for her time. Overall I had an absolutely amazing experience I would have to say, if visiting Thailand again, I will most definitely book one of the sexy escorts Bangkok has to offer.

It's very rare that you are able to meet girls with such an outstanding level of charisma and beauty- this night helped me to learn more about myself, women and the local area... all I can say is, before you judge me, give it a try!

Monday, 17 October 2016

Top 5 boutique shops in Manchester

Manchester is becoming known for its independent, boutique shops and rightly so. High street labels aren’t for everyone so here’s our pick of the 5 best boutique shops in Manchester city.

Dolls House – 73 Tib Street, Manchester, M4 1LS

Dolls House

The Dolls House Boutique is an all encompassing bespoke designer shop and dressmakers. With many celebrity clients there dresses and outfits are extremely sought after. They offer unique designs that are made to measure for each customer and can create show stopping one off pieces that you can guarantee no one else will be wearing.

Retro Rehab - 91 Oldham St, City Centre, Manchester M1 1JR

Retro Rehab

Retro Rehab is an independent boutique that get’s vintage clothes lovers in a spin. This store is on one of Manchester’s most contemporary streets and stands out in all its glory as its painted bright green. Packed to the rafters with beautiful 50’s inspired dresses that have been individualized with a trim her or a decorative jewel there. There are plenty of bargains to be had two with offers like two for a fiver on some of the beautiful pieces of jewellery.

Hervia Bazaar - 40 Spring Gardens, Manchester M2 1EN

Hervia Bazaar

Most definitely at the more exclusive end of the boutique’s in Manchester, Hervia Bazaar has been around for nearly twenty years and isn’t going anywhere. They are at the forefront of cutting edge fashion and it is never a surprise to see a premiership footballer or two adorning their collections. Although on the pricey side, the creative director Oscar Pinto equates them to being “heirlooms of the future”.

Bond - 719 Wilmslow Road, Didsbury, Manchester, M20 6WF & 130 Burton Road, West Didsbury, Manchester, M20 1JQ


Situated in the very trendy areas of Didsbury and West Didsbury, Bond is a women’s fashion boutique that makes style and glamour affordable. Highly popular with the high end Manchester escorts, Bond always offers the most stylish options. They have new styles arriving on a daily basis and specialize in Danish brands that are right on trend. Some of their labels include Vero Moda, Ichi and Angel Eye.

Oi Polloi - 63 Thomas St, Manchester M4 1LQ

Oi Polloi

Founded 12 years ago, this boutique menswear shop is regularly voted one of the best independent shops in Manchester. The shop in Manchester is renowned for its friendly yet very knowledgeable staff and the shop itself is welcoming. This place is for the cool men out there who don’t mind paying a little more for the great quality that Oil Polloi stock.

Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Entertainment for adults in Surrey

Whenever you're searching for things to do in your local Surrey area, the majority of things that turn up are for families and the elderly. But what if you want adult entertainment? What if you want to get roaring drunk and make an idiot of yourself? What if you want to go wild and have fun in a place that isn't child friendly and filled with NSFW experiences?

Adult Papers is here to help you today, with this handy article. Find something to do in Surrey that's actually fun, and not some boring carnival or antiques market.

3 Awesome places for Surrey adult entertainment

Read on for the most awesome adult experiences in the South UK, courtesy of me!

I have only placed the finest adult entertainment in Surrey that I know of, places I am positive you can go to and enjoy yourself.

Tiffany's (website link-

Interior of the prestigious Tiffany's adult club

If you live in Aldershot or anywhere nearby in Surrey, it's likely that you have heard of Tiffany's before. It's a fairly prestigious lapdancing club, they have a few remarkably beautiful exotic dancers.

Honestly, if you have not had the pleasure of spending an evening in Tiffany's club before, I highly recommend you visit it at least once, you may find it your new favourite haunt! They generally open around 9pm if you are planning to head there.

I have had a few very fun nights in Tiffany's, although I can only assume that because the pounding headache in the morning was my only reminder. Taking a business party and obtaining a VIP booth is what you want to do at this establishment, that's the best experience.

Tiffany's Lap Dancing Club Address:
38-40 Grosvenor Road,
GU11 3DY

Angels-Escorts (website link-

A busty blonde Angels-Escorts call girl

Specialising in outcall bookings, this Surrey escort agency presents a pretty marvellous gallery of girls to pick from. This is my go to escort service whenever I'm in Surrey.

Are you the type of individual who enjoys the companionship of call girls? Even if you aren't the type for bookings it's worth checking out their portfolio of Surrey escorts, I always want to book a duo encounter, especially Ella and Gabby.

What is the Angels-Escorts?
This website offers escorts and call girls to your door, raunchy adult encounters for a price. If you haven't experienced this industry before the Angels-Escorts are a good idea for your first time. They are a respectable service and will help you get started hiring escorts (please note, if you are outside of Surrey, Berkshire, or London, you might have to find a different escort agency).

The Hellfire Club (website link-

Photograph of the Hellfire club exterior

Whilst I have never been to play inside the Hellfire Club myself, its reputation precedes it. Located in Sunbury-On-Thames, it's one of the only places nearby for sexy parties. A couple of the ladies I love from Angels-Escorts have been to the Hellfire Club with clients before, it's a highly popular adult club.

At the Hellfire Club you can participate in adult parties, usually involving swinger parties and fetish experiences. There's always a lot of crazy stuff going on in this place, if you're into this sort of filthy fun then get on their site and take a look at their upcoming events!

Lastly, it would be wrong of me not to mention that the Hellfire establishment is not for the faint of heart. It's a den filled with vixens and seductresses, you will go in innocent and come out like this guy:
Gimp and chains

Hellfire Adult Club Address:
Gartside House, 
Harris Way, 
TW16 7EL

Would you like more options for grown ups in Surrey?

Has this list not satisfied your lust? You insatiable beast, you. If you are struggling in Surrey and you are looking for more escort agencies, lap dancing clubs, or anything grown up related; leave me a comment on this blog and I will get back to you with more advice.

About the author: The anonymous author of this article is a punter and regular participator in adult related events in the South East UK, organising several parties and events a year filled with sultry filth.

Monday, 27 June 2016

How to get a london escort website up

There are many agencies in London that will give you a great website and will give you great photography but most of girls they present are fake, some are very Photoshop worked but others are complete fakes to the point they don’t even exist but in this article e will give you some insides and the best way to go in this escorts industry that you never had to the point that you will be able to open a build a website and probably open an agency and maybe have some success in that business.

Get a hosting company.

 When you put up a website there are 2 sides that you will have to mind before the physical website is built. You have to get a place where your website will be hoisted, you will have to get a good hosting company because in this industry there is loads of unfair game.

The website domain

Then you will have to the website domain, this you will have 2 options, one is involving with some keywords in the domain words like the area and escorts will make easier to rank but if you are looking to build a solid business you will you can choose a brand name.

The website

There are many web design companies that can give you a website, you can also go for a independent web designer like the ones you find in ……. Or you can go for a web deigns company like … but before make sure you check their portfolio.

SEO (Search Engine Optimizations)

If you want to be a successful company like I Like London Escorts you will have to do SEO (Search Engine Optimizations) that will bring your website to the front page of Google and bring you traffic and make your website more expose to the industry users.